BAUER evaporative condensers have revolutionized cooling systems with vertical plate technology in 304 stainless steel replacing traditional galvanized pipe coils. This equipment is manufactured with high-quality standards and therefore offers a 3-year warranty in the heat transfer section. They have been designed to operate in extreme environmental conditions and with refrigerants such as ammonia and different types of freon.



More Advantage

BAUER technology uses vertical plates in 304 stainless steel, which allows them to have a unique combination of efficiency and durability. Each plate has higher air transfer heat, compared to traditional coils. The manufacturing process is highly reliable and has all the quality tests that allows to offer the best warranty on the market.
All BAUER condenser models have been designed to be easily and quickly maintained, they have a large door that allows the user to access the interior of the equipment to lubricate the electric motors of the fans, clean the eliminators from drops and remove the accumulated solids in the entire tank bottom, since the wet section does not reach the floor of the tank. Cleaning the heat transfer plates to remove deposits of solids and calcium carbonates is possible in BAUER condensers, something that is not possible in galvanized pipe coils and even in stainless steel coils.
Electric motors are sealed, they are heavy-duty and able to operate with frequency inverter. The fans are manufactured in high-resistance fiber and are coupled directly to the motor to avoid energy losses by power transmission. The fan motor assembly is easily replaceable and standardized for most models. They can be supplied to operate at 220V or 440V.
These condensers are pre-assembled and factory-tested. They are supplied in two fully assembled sections and do not require skilled labor for the union of the same, thus reducing costs and assembly times.
BAUER condensers are modular and can be supplied in different material configurations for body or frame. The user can choose them totally in stainless steel, totally in galvanized steel or a combination of the two materials (water tank in stainless steel and body in galvanized). It is also possible to include a system of additional plates for water cooling of the piston compressors heads.