Alfrio ice machines are compact and heavy-duty. They operate with ammonia or freon (depending on capacity), with special models to produce flake ice, cylindrical ice, plate-type ice (crushed) and liquid ice. The generators are manufactured with high-quality materials and resistance (stainless steel or chromed steel). The components such as compressors, valves and electrical parts are from recognized brands worldwide and the ice production capacity in 24 hours goes from 1 ton and on. This equipment is widely used in the poultry, cement, bakery and meat industry.



More Advantages

The Alfrio ice making units (up to 10 Ton/24 hours) are supplied with all the components assembled within the same metal structure, whether they are condensed by air or by water, they only require refrigerant charge, electric and hydraulic supply for its implementation. For capacities over 15 Ton/24 hours, the condenser is supplied by air or evaporative type separately, the rest of the components including the generator are supplied already assembled in the same metallic structure.
Each of the components of Alfrio ice machines are of high quality and world-renowned brands, the compressors are Copeland or Refcomp brand, refrigeration valves and controls are Danfoss brand, Emerson or similar, this makes the machines to be heavy-duty and work continuously with low maintenance.
The materials used in the ice generators are of high quality and allow a great heat transfer to have the highest efficiency and production of ice, they can work in extreme temperature environments.