VSM, VSMC and VSS Vilter screw compressors are the most reliable and longest-lived industrial refrigeration equipment on the market worldwide. They offer an exclusive warranty of 15 years on the bearings and 5 years on the compressor, its energetic efficiency is superior to double screw compressors.

The key to the reliability of the Vilter single screw compressors lies in their balanced design, while the energy efficiency is obtained with the exclusive system of independent sliding valves (capacity and volume) Parallex type that allow the compressor to operate in optimal conditions of efficiency.

The sliding valves are driven by high torque servomotors with infinitesimal adjustments in both capacity and volume. Vilter compressors operate with ammonia and other refrigerants in different applications and types of systems.



More Advantages

  • Sliding valves with a capacity of 10% to 100% of the gas flow.
  • Sliding valve with a volume ratio of 1.2 to 7.0
  • Independent control of volume and capacity - optimized efficiency in partial load conditions.
  • No radial loads: They are canceled out since the compression of the gas is carried out simultaneously on opposite sides of the screw.
  • There are no axial loads: the ends of the screw are always subjected to suction pressure, therefore, the bearings too, this allows the guarantee 5/15.
The Vilter technology makes gas compression by means of stars, which are manufactured in a highly engineered non-metallic material that acts as a mechanical fuse at the time of a liquid refrigerant return. The stars usually fracture or break without affecting the screw or case of the unit, just replace them to have the unit again at full capacity. With double-screw technology this is not possible, since the two rotors are metallic and generally in a return of liquid they crash against the case.
Vilter compressors oil separators units are highly efficient, with high-retentive coalescing elements inside that guarantee the return of oil to the unit, thus avoiding efficiency losses in the evaporators. Oil refills due to migration are minimal, up to 99% savings in oil consumption.
Vilter compressors control system (Vission 20/20) is highly reliable and user-friendly, it has several languages ​​including Spanish. Its Linux operating system allows robust and continuous operations, using ETX CPU technology achieving a lower number of connections and cables that accelerate the speed and improve reliability. Color digital screen (touch screen) with high visibility of 15", XGA type, USB port to upload updates and download history, web access, high speed internet protocol or IP, wireless and Modbus type.
Vilter screw compressor technology requires less repairs over time than traditional double screw technology; while a Vilter requires its first overhaul at 120,000 hours of operation, other brands with double screw technology must do it on average every 26,000 hours. (Under normal operating conditions for both technologies). The Vilter design allows to inspect the physical condition of the compressor in a short time and repairs can be made in the field.