440, 450 and 450XL Vilter piston compressors are highly reliable, efficient and heavy- duty, they are American made and have been represented by ALFRIO for more than 40 years. Installed worldwide in leading bottling companies of beverages, poultry, fish, cattle, dairy, refrigerators, breweries, chemical industry, ships and many others.

These compressors can work with ammonia, freon and even with hydrocarbon refrigerants. They operate in extreme applications with a differential pressure of over 18 bar, driven by pulleys or direct coupling, can operate in a high compression ratio up to 12:1 with certain halo carbonated refrigerants. The sizes range from 2 to 16 pistons and can work in freezing and conservation processes, in one or two stage systems.  

The design of Vilter compressors (crankshaft mounted on bearings) minimizes plant shutdowns for maintenance, they have the broadest warranty on the market (up to 3 years depending on the operating conditions).



More Advantage

The materials of the mobile parts of Vilter compressors are high-quality and have adequate thermal treatments to withstand severe working conditions. The Vilter warranty can vary from 2 to 3 years (depending on the operating conditions) assuring the user that during this time he will not require different interventions to preventive maintenance of the unit, this translates into significant savings during the time in labor, spare parts and plant or process stops. Our warranty is the widest on the market.
Vilter has designed the piston compressors so that their useful life is longer and requires less repairs in time compared to other brands. The key is in the crankshaft mounted on double-inclined bearings at both ends, this compared to typical bushings makes the repairs longer over time, allowing significant savings in labor, parts, fewer stops of plant and processes.
Accompanied by the best warranty on the market, Vilter has provided heavy-duty components in all compressor models that allow them a long life.
High retention, avoiding the passage of 95% of contaminants in a size up to 3 microns, resulting in less wear on compressor components. Combines extreme filtration capacity with the convenience of an easily replaceable element.
High strength, designed and manufactured with a high safety factor that provides years of continuous work and that allows it to be machined to operate with three sizes of semi-bearings (caps), standard, 0.015" and 0.030". The crankshaft can easily have a life of 30 years under normal operating conditions.
Double tilt instead of bushings on both ends of the crankshaft allows the Vilter compressor to increase its life significantly and minimize maintenance interventions.
Internal and easy to access, this device prevents the compressor from suffering damages due to excess pressure when there are faults in the system. Excess pressure is released internally inside the same compressor avoiding release of refrigerant to the atmosphere; the variation of the operating conditions will indicate to the user the opening of this device.
All Vilter compression units are equipped with a capacity discharging system that allows them to adjust quickly and safely to the system’s thermal load for which they work, this means that energy consumptions at partial loads are in accordance with the need of the plant.
Vilter compressors can be supplied with an intelligent control panel known as Viltech or with electromechanical pressure controls.